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Aria Pro Ii !!BETTER!! Fullerton Serial Numbers



Aria Pro Ii !!BETTER!! Fullerton Serial Numbers


Aria Pro Ii Fullerton Serial Numbers

















Since it has the rosewood fretboard it may be a FL-20 When I first saw it in person I thought it was very nice.. Apr 30, 2013  Hello all, I just joined and this is my 1st post I just picked up a mint, what looks to be an 80′s era Aria Pro II bass.. The string alignment was way off and just wouldn’t respond to usual methods Aria Pro Ii Fullerton Serial NumbersI did get it corrected.

There was a rattle when I shook it which was a screw off the switch in the cavity.. Someone has replaced one of the pickup screws with a bridge screw which of course does not allow the pickup height to be adjusted and stripped the threads so found a screw and replaced it.. The big problem with this guitar was the neck pocket I’m thinking ‘What a piece of sh*t!’ I had to put some shims around the sides and drill out the holes so I could adjust it.

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Now it is good and plays well Looks a whole lot like my first guitar, except mine had a humbucker and a splitter switch instead of a second tone.. How are the frets? The frets on mine were severely dented after about two years.. Anyway, HNGD! As for info on the guitar, mine has a similar serial number (would have to check) and was bought in late ’95/early’ 96 when I got my first electric. Moraff 039;s Dungeons Of The Unforgiven Keygen Software For Mac

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Also a guitar pick in there rattling around!Seriously, there was a tortoise shell triangular pick in the switch cavity.. Aria Pro Ii Fullerton Review I played the guitar probably six hours a day or more at the time, since I was still in high school. Best Free Video Surveillance Software For Mac

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The switch seemed to have short as it was cutting out in the bridge position but some De-oxit cured it.. It is the same shape and This is an FL-10 S or an FL-20 model These were made 1995-99.. The guitar has some nice aging The pickgard has a aged look A few small dings In setting it up the thrill wore off.. Also needed a shim so that action could be lowered This all took me a couple hours to get right. cea114251b Chess Software For Mac


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